John J. Ney, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, Virginia

           Given annually to an individual for loyalty, dedication, and meritorious service to the Society throughout the years; and for exceptional commitment to AFS's programs, objectives, and goals.

American Fisheries Society Awards

John Ney

An Ode to J.J.
by Kelso

Tis the AFS meeting, this fine August week
And to you who have come, thereís a tale we must speak
Of fortitude, genius, and history made
A distinguished career, that of Prof. J.J. Ney

But it isnít the science of which I will tell
Of teaching or research, on those I wonít dwell
I speak of my memories, of twenty years yore
Of ice-fishing, wine-drinking, and barfing galore

I had never partaken of ice fishingís pleasure
Till J.J. spoke of a frozen pondís treasures
On a bucket I sat, and those memories linger
Of sucking on Mad Dog, not feeling my fingers

But I cared not of frostbite, or if I might drown
Nor anything else, as the Mad Dog went down
And if you are lucky, youíve known of the thrill
Of freezing your ass for some age-0 Ďgills

And that damn home-made wine, I must have been crazy
The memories haunt, though they seem somewhat hazy
I know I defended, we went to Johnís house
He brought out some bottles, and I think I got soused

I remember John laughing, it was quite an affair
I was sick as a dog, and I slept on the stairs
Iíll assume that I had just a hell of a time
But Iíll never again drink Johnís choke-cherry wine

So remember, my friends, that the man you revere
Was once a young prof who liked moon pies and beer
And lift up your glasses, and serve up a toast
To accomplishments many of which he can boast

But itís not academics of which I will muse
I knew him with Kohler and Nigro and Guse
Before he was famous, a simpler time
Of ice-fishing, laughing, and choke-cherry wine